Sub Channel Fixing Systems

HMP Channel systems for cladding onto non-load bearing walls or where there are high projection sizes. By using specially designed channel support and restraint brackets, channels are spanned between floor levels, creating a subframe on which installation is enabled by using set screws and nuts.

  • Fixing to sub-channel structure which is attached to load-bearing beams.
  • High load-bearing capability to fit projection sizes up to 360 mm.
  • Greater projection sizes are achieved with a special design.
  • Fully adjustable and allows fast installation.
  • Lower anchoring points are achieved therefore decreasing the level of cold bridging.
HMPC-HC1 Channel Fixing System

HMPC C Channels are fixed onto concrete beams with HCSP1 channel support brackets. HMPA channels are restrained with HCSP1 restraining brackets to prevent buckling. The dead load is distributed equally onto the supporting HCSP1 brackets. In this particular example, installation is made at horizontal joints.