The HMLS Brickwork lintel, supports are used for supporting brick structures above openings. The lintel supports can be designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of loadings and application circumstances. The majority of the lintel supports are specially designed and manufactured. Allowable loads are determined by structural calculations and local testing if required.

HMLS Brickwork lintel supports are produced in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316.

Types of Lintels


  • Exposed fixing with HMS - F brickwork support brackets
  • Welded support angles with lengths up to 1.5 metres available
  • Load capacities of up to 10.5 kN


    • FIX-SV Brickwork Support Bracket for Lintel Support
    • Concealed fixing where HMS - SV brackets are used for prefabricated Lintel component
    • U type inserts of cast-in channels are cast in the component and are fixed on the slot holes of the brickwork support.
    • Structural analysis of the prefabricated component must be made by the manufacture



    • HMLS-T Lintel Support
    • Concealed fixing where custom-designed steel component used in combination with slotted holed plates to support bricks with reinforcement bars
    • Minimum bearing of steel component on the wall surface is 150mm
    • Can be custom designed to fit various application requirements



    • HMLS-E Support Angle
    • Exposed fixing with L angles are used for mounting bricks on top
    • Can be placed on the sidewall as well as in between brickwork support brackets
    • Minimum bearing on the wall surface is 95mm
    • Angle length available up to 2.2 metres and Max span of the opening is 2.10 metres



    • HMLS-C Lintel Support Angle With Hoops
    • Concealed fixing where the L angles are used in combination with suspension hoops to support bricks lintel using reinforcement bars
    • When determining the loads both the overlying and underlying bricks must be taken into consideration
    • Brick Lintel must be supported with scaffolding during fixing