Curtain Wall Brackets

Curtain wall facades are used more frequently in the external facade cladding for modern buildings. The curtain wall technology is the most advanced type of facade construction, which are preferred because of its aesthetics and functionality. This type of cladding also offers high thermal and load performance and can be installed faster and easier than any other conventional type of claddings.

HAZ Metal designs and manufactures curtain wall brackets for the installation of curtain wall panels onto the structure. HFB facade support brackets are used to fix longitudinal and transverse curtain wall systems. The brackets transfer the acting loads into the structure. These brackets can be designed to adapt to any type of application in accordance with the design criteria.

HFBfacade brackets are designed and dimensioned to with stand high horizontal and vertical loads. The facade brackets are available in two main categories.

The first category of facade brackets are the ones that can be fixed on the edge of the slabs. This way the tensile loads from wind are transferred in to the end of the floor slab.

The second category of facade brackets are the ones that are fixed on the top of the slab. This way the horizontal loads from wind and the vertical loads from dead load and the resultant loads are transferred to the top of the floor slab.

The facade brackets offer great advantages when used with HMPR anchor channels. Both secure and easy connections are enables with the verified load performance values and the high adjustability properties of the HMPR anchor channels.


HFB-LH Facade Support Bracket

HFB-AP Facade Support Bracket

HFB-MT Facade Support Bracket

HFB-MT Facade Support Bracket

HFB-MT Facade Support Bracket