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HAZ Metal specialises in design and manufacturing of all types of fixing systems for natural stone cladding, primarily in Stainless Steel. The design and production of various types of fixings such as cast in channels, masonry supports and framing systems. are also available. As a major design and manufacturing company we offer full product liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover fixing design, detailing and scheduling. HAZ Metal's status as a manufacturer as well as a designer allows us total control over the entire production process. This leaves us ideally positioned to supply value engineered products. Production Processes are strictly controlled with mill certificates for raw materials available on request. All fixings are designed in consideration of German/British/EU and American Standards using industry standard application software. HAZ Metal processes Stainless Steel typically 304(EN1.4301) and 316(EN1.4401) and Galvanized Mild Steel.

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